Adrian Hashimi-Storyteller
Adrian Hashimi-Storyteller

about me

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All images copyright Adrian Hashimi. All rights reserved. 

Adrian Hashimi is a New York base professional artist and illustrator. In the last 20 plus years he has created images for publishing, advertising, television and motion pictures. 

Amongst his noted projects are illustrating for nominated movies such as A Most Violent Year, starring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain and All is Lost, starring silver screen legend Robert Redford, both films by Oscar nominated director Jeffery Chandor. Apart form Mr Chandor, during his career in Film & Television, Adrian has worked with many other noted directors such as Francis Lawrence (hunger Games)  and Bennet Miller (Capote).

Over the years Adrian has also illustrated a series of travel books for Random House, Concept Designs for stages and live performances and countless television and print commercials. 

In his spare time he writes and illustrate short stories base on 15th Century Malaya and other tales.

Adrian is passionate about his lovely wife Amri and their two cats Eirtae & Dodai.  

Adrian was born with two good eyes, spend most of his life with four but now down to just about one, but he paints and draws like he has nine.

Adrian is a graduate of the University of Kansas, School of Fine Arts.